Accounting Course – ANC Accreditation

550.00 lei

COD COR 331302
At the end of the course we offer you a webinar with the lawyer of our school.
Each student will benefit from the answer to a target question addressed to the school lawyer at the last class meeting..






-Anc Accredited Trainer
-Trained Accredited Human Resources Inspector,
-Accredited Human Resources Manager Trainer,
-Trained Accredited Condominium Manager,

with over 20 years of experience in the field of private accounting.

Uncertified participation fee

100 RON
You can attend the course, but you cannot ask questions to the trainer, do not receive the course support and do not receive proof of participation

Certified participation fee:

800 RON

Accredited by the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Education

Interactive, easily accessible through ZOOM application, specific calculations (Tax, VAT), completion of mandatory accounting records, use of SAGA software, practical applications and case studies

How the courses run at our school:

All classes at our school take place live, are broadcast online via the ZOOM application, the ZOOM application is free and must be installed on the device with which you will connect to the course: computer, phone, tablet. After validation of registration, you will receive -more login details to be with the course trainer and the other participants.

What are the advantages of online courses:

The costs of the courses conducted online are lower than the courses physically held at the gym. Participation in this course does not involve travel. You need an electronic device that is connected to the internet (computer, phone, laptop, tablet). Our trainers, trainers will answer you in real time and you will be able to interact with the other participants in the course.


The exam will take place online on the same day, the theoretical and practical part, it does not involve travel. Each participant will take the final exam with his / her classmates in front of an examination commission from the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Education. All courses include the materials, instructions and tests required to prepare for the graduation exam. The exam consists of completing a grid test and presenting a short practical project. The promotion rate is 100%.


The presented course is certified by the Romanian State through the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Education. The graduation certificate is valid at national and European level. This certificate is accompanied by the descriptive supplement of the obtained competencies and is valid for life!


All the competencies obtained will be mentioned in the descriptive supplement of the graduation certificate

• Document management and archiving
• Preparation / completion of primary documents
• Counting patrimonial operations
• Performing specific calculations
• Completing the accounting records
• Preparation of the verification balance
• Asset valuation
• Preparation of the balance sheet


Certificate accredited by the Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, accompanied by the descriptive supplement of the acquired competencies. the HAGA).


Documents required to obtain the A.N.C. are :
* Bachelor’s degree or Bachelor’s degree (Copy)
* Identity Card (Copy)
* Birth Certificate (Copy)
* Marriage certificate, for people who have changed their name (Copy)
* Proof of payment

All the details regarding the course program, the organization and the development of the advanced courses can be obtained at:



The course is in online format and is required for each participant:
1. To have a computer or laptop electronic device or tablet or mobile phone, a good internet connection and microphone, webcam (optional may have headphones)
2 . to download the ZOOM application on the device from which the online course will be accessed

The ZOOM application is available in the free version and can be downloaded with a simple click:
Windows operating system
MacOs operating system
Mobile phone with Android operating system
Mobile phone with IOS operating system (Phone)


It is also adapted in a simplified form, so that it can be easily covered regardless of the knowledge you have in this field.


* Keeping documents according to legal norms, filing, storing and accessing them
* Preparation of mandatory primary accounting documents: incoming invoices, outgoing invoices, collection and payment orders, payment order, time stamp, payroll
* Registration of accounting documents and their records
* Processing of accounting documents according to the law
* Filing documents and centralizing them

* Legislation on the preparation of accounting documents
* Storing and accessing accounting documents
* Archiving accounting documents


* Preparation and completion of mandatory primary accounting documents
* Presentation of the obligatory elements regarding their completion and preparation
* Completion and correct preparation of primary accounting documents
* Verification of primary documents
* Fixed errors found during their operation

* Counting patrimonial operations
* Analysis of accounting documents
* Correspondence of accounts related to registered economic operations
* Presentation of the general chart of accounts
* Presentation of the analytical counting of the accounts

* Performing specific calculations

* Establishing the calculation formula and the type according to the objectives of the legislation in force
* Application of specific calculation types (Tax, T. V.A.)

Completion of accounting records

* Completing the obligatory accounting registers: journal register, bank register, inventory register, fiscal record register, etc.
* Completion deadlines for accounting records
* Correction of certain errors found in the accounting records

* Preparation of the verification balance

* Presentation of the types of verification balances
* Correspondence of accounting accounts
* Preparation of the verification balance
* Correlation and concordance of synthetic account balances with analytical account balances
* Checking the check balance

Preparation of the balance sheet

* Taking over all the information regarding the preparation of the Accounting balance sheet
* Correct reflection of the patrimonial unit
* Entering all accounting data according to the law
* Making accounting correlations
* Preparation of accounting notes and annexes on the balance sheet
* Framing the transmission of the balance sheet according to the legislation in force
* Preparation of monthly / quarterly and annual declarations:

D112, D100, D101, D300, D394, D390, D710, etc.
* Preparation of annual financial statements (balance sheets) and audit balance

* Use of SAGA accounting software (Saga C and Saga Stocks)
* Practical applications: accounting monographs in SAGA accounting software
* Entering, verifying and saving accounting data, printing specific documents
* Reading, interpreting the accounting information from the balance sheet and balance sheet
* Case studies: accounting monographs on the main statements of ANAF



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